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    Danielle Livingston was born October 2, 1984 in Ashland, Oregon the town she still lives in today. Her interest in music, and singing in particular date back to her first years of life when she would listen to the voice of her idol, Whitney Houston for hours on end. Soon enough she realized she too had a voice of her own, one with the same spiritual strength and beauty as Whitney Houston's.  It wasn't long after her first live performance that Danielle found a home and a passion in singing. Since then she has been taking private voice lessons, participating in vocal and performance workshops and performing around her area, wowing audience with her voice.

Danielle's plans for the future are huge.
"I want to sing and I want to be a legend."  Danielle told a local newspaper. "I see someone like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson and what they have done for music. I want to travel down that path. I want to change the world."

    Today at the age of 16 she has found her own  sound and her voice has become stronger and more amazing than ever. She posses a poise and presence on stage that is only seen in few singers. With the soul of a young Aretha Franklin and the powerful pipes of Whitney Houston, Danielle Livingston is a voice that you won't soon forget.

"My few short years in this world of music have made me realize how tough it is to actually "make it big". Although I am young... I believe taking a chance on me and my voice might be the best chance you will ever take. I have faith in myself and my vocal skills.... and I plan to sing till the day I die."
- Danielle Livingston

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